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Her Daughter

Series 1 - Episode 2 Her Daughter



Newly divorced 60-year-old Julia, who confronts disaster by donning a Cath Kidston apron and roasting a chicken (hey, don't we all?), is walking on air now she’s fallen hard for the much younger Benjamin. But he's a passive aggressive creep who is despised by Julia's terminally self-obsessed children: "The man has no social media footprint!” is the damning remark from her eldest son.

So, a bit like the kids in Scooby-Doo, though without the whimsy, they set about following this new man in their mum's life, to find out who he really is. It's another torrid episode of a lip-smacking melodrama that clearly tries to steer us in one direction – surely Ben is Up to No Good?

But Julia (Julia Ormond) is delighted with her new man, as she battles flashbacks to incidents of violence. She takes him to her massive great house in Devon and they scandalise the locals by holding hands in the village street. It won't end well, you mark my words.  


Julia brings Benjamin to her Devon home, and he is taken aback to see the extent of her wealth. The visit is disrupted by a tense confrontation with Ted, who questions Julia's motivations for forming a new relationship. Julia opts to return to London, and asks to meet Benjamin's friends - but when he refuses to show her where he lives, she begins to fear he is hiding something from her. Della turns up unannounced on her ex's doorstep, and is put under pressure by her brother into digging up dirt on Benjamin.

Cast & Crew

Julia Day Julia Ormond
Benjamin Greene Ben Barnes
Patrick Day Sebastian Armesto
Della Day Jemima Rooper
Leo Day Archie Renaux
Ted Day Alex Jennings
Young Julia Fleur Keith
Young Ted William Vasey
Zac David Avery
Bianca Elena Saurel
Emily Maeve Dermody
Eimear Day Yasmine Akram
Charlotte Day Indica Watson
Young Della Kate Kennedy
Heidi Katie Clarkson-Hill
Young Patrick Tylan Bayram
Director Vanessa Caswill
Executive Producer Marnie Dickens
Executive Producer Guy de Glanville
Executive Producer Laura Mackie
Executive Producer Sally Haynes
Producer Ani Kevork
Writer Marnie Dickens
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