A Place in the Sun: Home or Away

Berkshire v French Alps

Series 14 - Episode 44 Berkshire v French Alps



With their children flying the nest, Andy and Alida have decided now is the time to fulfil their dream of buying a chalet in the French Alps. They are downsizing their house in Wokingham, Surrey, and splitting the funds between the UK and France, so Laura Hamilton and Jonnie Irwin have been sent on a joint mission. With a total of £650,000 to spend, and three shots each to find the perfect property - Laura in Berkshire and Jonnie in the ski-resort of Morzine - the pressure is really on for both of them to deliver.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jonnie Irwin
Presenter Laura Hamilton
Director Andy Cook
Producer Andy Cook
Series Producer Siobhan O'Gorman