Bob's unhappiness at home leads him astray on his first wedding anniversary, and a nervous Scarlett uses Lenny to try to gain favour in her battle to keep the kids in Shieldinch. Elsewhere, Stevie's disappointed when Poppy draws a line between him and work.

Cast & Crew

Bob O'Hara Stephen Purdon
Isobel Mackenzie Alison Peebles
Kim O'Hara Frances Thorburn
Bernie O'Hara Barbara Rafferty
Angus Lindsay Scott Fletcher
Scarlett O'Hara Sally Howitt
Stevie O'Hara Iain Robertson
Poppy Patterson Lindsey Campbell
Lenny Murdoch Frank Gallagher
Rory Murdoch David Paisley
Nicole Brodie Holly Jack
Kelly-Marie Adams Carmen Pieraccini
Actor Rebecca Elise
Suzie Fraser Juliet Cadzow
Madonna Mullen Sienna Glackin
Caitlin McLean Gayle Telfer Stevens
Director Robin Haig
Producer Kevin McComiskie
Writer Ciara Conway
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Drama Soap