Home Free

Series 1 - Episode 1



When any young person leaves their family home to live independently for the first time, it’s a big step in their life. When that young person has learning disabilities, it’s more like a major leap, with no guarantee they’ll have a soft landing.

This observational documentary following a group of young people with learning disabilities as they move into supported living apartments was unavailable to preview at the time of writing.

However, C4 have promised us “a moving account of the challenges faced” as well as a “joyful reminder of how brilliant and fun life can be when you are young, among friends, and starting out on your own”.


Part one of two. Documentary following young people with learning disabilities who are leaving home for the first time and moving into supported apartments that offer the chance of independent living. The opening instalment introduces Lewis, Michael, Sarah, Jade, Anna and Curtis as they say goodbye to their families and make the huge leap. It's not as easy for some as it is others to settle in to the new situation and the first few days of living in the block prove to be a rollercoaster of emotions.

Cast & Crew

Director Trevor Docksey
Executive Producer Victoria Hamburger
Producer Trevor Docksey