The Repair Shop

Series 5 - Episode 1



No matter what madness is going on in the world, somehow all is well when you watch The Repair Shop.

The items brought in usually have a sentimental rather than a financial value but Jay Blades and his wonderful team of craftspeople demonstrate the same remarkable patience and care during the meticulous repairs as they would for a priceless antique. However, as always, it’s the emotional reaction of the owners that moves you to tears.

There are three treasured family heirlooms for them to restore to their former glory in the first of a new series of this RT readers’ favourite: a beautiful, carved walnut piano stool that sadly has a missing leg, a defunct speedometer from a beloved vintage car, and a wicker baby crib that’s been in a family for generations but has now fallen into disrepair.


New series. The return of the programme in which experts try to restore family heirlooms and treasured possessions to their former glories. In the first edition, Jay Blades and the team take on an ornate walnut piano stool, a speedometer from a 1920s vintage car and baby's wicker crib.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Jay Blades
Narrator Bill Paterson
Executive Producer Rob Butterfield
Executive Producer Emma Walsh