Little Fear of Lightning

Series 1 - Episode 5 Little Fear of Lightning



This week the jet-black superhero drama kills two birds with one stone, filling in the sad, strange origin story of Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) and clearing up the precise nature of the apocalypse that killed or traumatised so many people 30 years ago. All in one clever yet confounding prologue.

The story is meticulously engineered, and there’s something of interest in every scene — an oblique reference to Schindler’s List here, a perverse use of Sinatra on the soundtrack there. The camera hasn’t yet zoomed out from Watchmen’s many cogs to reveal the overall design of the timepiece, but each successive episode rewards the patient.  


The truth behind the greatest hoax in American history is brought to light. Meanwhile, The Smartest Man in The World makes plans for a daring escape.