The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds

Series 1 - Episode 1



There's an angry red planet, burning with fury, and its murderous emissary is falling to Earth, ready to destroy life as we know it by landing directly on, er, Woking. Blameless Woking, in Surrey, the heart of the Home Counties. Surely it can't be a twisted dislike of middle-class southerners that powers this gigantic beast? 

The HG Wells sci-fi classic is dusted off in a thumping adaptation, with Rafe Spall as journalist George and his “wife” Amy (Eleanor Tomlinson), a young couple who have scandalised the town by living together unwed. But she's a very progressive woman, considering this is Edwardian England, having a university degree and a job as assistant to an astronomer, Ogilvy (Robert Carlyle).

But one night there's a shattering noise as strange clouds fill the air. Soon an unspeakable murderous foe stalks the land, killing at will. Woking will never be the same again.  


New series. When a mysterious capsule lands in Woking, Surrey, in 1905 lovers George and Amy join the curious crowd to examine it. As events unfold, the couple are caught in the middle of a Martian invasion of Earth, fighting for their love and their lives against an enemy beyond their comprehension. Adaptation of HG Wells' sci-fi classic, starring Rafe Spall, Eleanor Tomlinson, Rupert Graves and Robert Carlyle.

Cast & Crew

Amy Eleanor Tomlinson
George Rafe Spall
Frederick Rupert Graves
Chamberlain Nicholas Le Prevost
Artilleryman Harry Melling
Ogilvy Robert Carlyle
Greaves Charlie De'Ath
Henderson Joey Batey
Salesman Sam Benjamin
Mary Freya Allan
Stent Daniel Cerqueira
Lucy Aisling Jarrett-Gavin
Newspaper boy Bradley Cottrell
Captain Kieron Bimpson
George Jr Woody Norman
Director Craig Viveiros
Executive Producer Peter Harness
Executive Producer Preethi Mavahalli
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Craig Viveiros
Executive Producer Tommy Bulfin
Executive Producer Minglu Ma
Producer Betsan Morris Evans
Writer Peter Harness
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