Take Me Out

Series 11 - Episode 4



The latest group of men entering the `love lift' are a tech-savvy personal trainer, an airline pilot, a magician and musician, and a city banker, all hoping to impress a studio full of single women and win a date - but must first get the 30 female participants to keep their lights on as a sign of approval. Paddy McGuinness presents.

Cast & Crew

Host Paddy McGuinness
Director Simon Staffurth
Director Mark Littlewood
Director Humphrey Cruz
Director Naomi Banat
Director Ollie Herrington
Executive Producer Phil Harris
Executive Producer Amelia Brown
Executive Producer Tim Dean
Producer Mark Littlewood
Producer Humphrey Cruz
Producer Naomi Banat
Producer Ollie Herrington
Series Producer Kate Amarnani
Series Producer Doran Azouelos
Series Producer Katrina Morrison
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