Flirty Dancing

Flirty Dancing

Series 2 - Episode 2



Ashley Banjo takes a terrible risk with his choreography this time, incorporating a lift and a drop that require total trust between two people who’ve never met before. Still, as Ruby wants a Prince Charming crossed with Action Man and Emmerson is a soldier who’s a romantic at heart, they seem perfectly matched before they even take a step. To enhance the rom-com mood, they’re dancing in an old-fashioned railway station, but none of that will help if he drops her on her head.

Ashley gives Garry and Ryan some equally clever choreography: “For two minutes it felt like we really knew each other,” says Ryan, but does Garry agree?

The only thing that’s disappointing is when, having had such an extraordinary experience, someone isn’t sufficiently intrigued by their dance partner to have a second date.


Although a big romcom fan, Emmerson has had his heart broken in the past and finds it hard to trust. He is matched with 28-year-old Ruby, whose dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer were shattered when she had to have both hips replaced. Ashley Banjo creates a dance with a challenging drop that relies on trusting each other from the very first moment they meet. He also assists property manager Garry, who finds it hard to talk to men he fancies. Ashley's energetic, playful routine gives him and Ryan - who has never had a boyfriend before - the opportunity to put themselves `out there'.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ashley Banjo
Executive Producer Ami Jackson
Executive Producer Deborah Sargeant
Series Director Rob Fisher
Series Director Nik Warner
Series Producer Genna Gibson
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