The Secret Life of the Zoo

The Secret Life of the Zoo

Series 8 - Episode 3



Annie and Wallace, parents to 15 Asian short-clawed otter pups, have a cushy life because their eldest daughter, Betsy, does everything for her siblings. She finds them food, teaches them to swim and generally looks out for them. All mum and dad have to do is lounge about nibbling fish and occasionally plopping into the pool for a refreshing dip. It must be like having an unpaid live-in nanny.

Many animals are stronger in groups, that’s often how they thrive and survive. Flamingoes, for example, are easily spooked so being part of a massive flock gives them more protection from predators.

Meanwhile, over in the elephant paddock, little Anjan – who you may remember from the previous series was a cheeky little chappie – has turned into a right thug and is annoying the rest of the herd.


The keepers notice the Asian short-clawed otters begin to develop worrying bald patches and call in the vet. The flamingo chicks are being moved from the creche to the adult aviary, but two birds who have bonded face being split up as one of them is limping and has to stay behind. A pregnant antelope's aggressive behaviour is causing concern.

Cast & Crew

Director John Tween
Director Harriet Leaf
Director Dane McDonald
Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Executive Producer Alistair Pegg
Executive Producer Edmund Coulthard
Producer John Tween
Producer Harriet Leaf
Producer Dane McDonald
Series Editor Martin Fuller
Series Producer Philippa Bradley
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