The Accident

Series 1 - Episode 4



It’s curious how some dramas simply come and go without leaving any impression. The Accident was heavily trailed and had a lot of pre-publicity, yet here we are at the final episode and… what? Big premise, good cast, yet it’s hard to care about any of it.

There’s been something lacking during the last four weeks and I wish I could put my finger on exactly what. After all, how could the story of a tragedy with dreadful consequences, an explosion at a building site that kills and maims, feel so inconsequential?

In the final episode there’s a private prosecution against the owners and an angry court case with disabled Leona determined to give evidence.


Harriet is in the dock for gross negligence manslaughter as the families' private prosecution finally arrives in court. Angela and the others have nearly bankrupted themselves to fund the case. Will it all have been worth it? Polly fears for Leona, who wants to give evidence, but it is her relationship with Iwan that presents her with the most challenging questions. Final episode of Jack Thorne's drama, starring Sarah Lancashire, Joanna Scanlan, Mark Lewis Jones and Sidse Babbett Knudsen. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Polly Bevan Sarah Lancashire
Angela Griffiths Joanna Scanlan
Leona Bevan Jade Croot
Iwan Bevan Mark Lewis Jones
Harriet Paulsen Sidse Babett Knudsen
Laura Tucker Ruth Madeley
Gareth Jarvis John Macmillan
Rhys Griffiths Christian Patterson
Greta Collinson Eiry Thomas
Debbie Kethin Genevieve Barr
Philip Walters Adrian Scarborough
Gemma Crabbe Lu Corfield
Bertie Paulsen Verity Blyth
Martin Harris Shaun Parkes
Tim Das Nabhaan Rizwan
Frank Stanfield Peter Sullivan
Mia Griffiths Emily May
Tessa Collins Joely Curran
Ava Driscol Millie Davies
Mel Price Georgia Reed
Tina Edwards Lauren Jackson
Seren Collinson Samantha Spragg
Mark Jones Owain Gunn
Griff Cook Morgan Llewelyn-Jones
Angela's son Sam Rees
Greta's son Ashley Thomas-Evans
Radio presenter Victoria Derbyshire
Jury foreman Shireen Al-Salihi
Judge Nicola Reynolds
Clerk Phylip Harries
Director Sandra Goldbacher
Executive Producer George Ormond
Executive Producer George Faber
Executive Producer Jack Thorne
Producer Morenike Williams
Writer Jack Thorne
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