Rapids Johnson's Helping Bear

Series 1 - Episode 13 Rapids Johnson's Helping Bear



Joining Gail and Keith for today's GiggleQuiz are Captain Adorable and Rapids Johnson. Always on the lookout for bears, Rapids Johnson gives Keith some tips on how best to find the elusive Helping Bear. Unbeknownst to Rapids, the Helping Bear has already been giving the teams some clues to the answers. The ever-helpful bear delivers all the things that Rapids says he needs to spot the Helping Bear, including bear spotter's notepaper, paper cups (because bear spotting is thirsty work) and camouflage. Keith desperately tries to get Rapids' attention every time the bear appears, but Rapids remains oblivious. In the third round, the Helping Bear once again assists the teams by pointing out the correct safety gear, tipping leaves on Rapids' head and even accepting a phone call from Gail asking for the answer! When awarding a gigglepoint, Arthur accidentally sets off a leaf blower that sends all of Rapids' bear spotting equipment flying off the desk. The Helping Bear makes yet another appearance, coming to the rescue by turning off the leaf blower. Everybody except Rapids spots the bear!