Ann Teak's Antiques Wand

Series 1 - Episode 12 Ann Teak's Antiques Wand



Joining Gail and Keith for today's GiggleQuiz are the Lost Pirate and Ann Teak. Keith finds an old stick under his desk, and Ann Teak gives her 'expert' opinion on what it is. Ann declares that the artefact must be a conductor's baton and demonstrates how to use it. Unbeknownst to Ann, the stick is actually a magic wand and waving it around causes Arthur's phone to turn into a pineapple. Throughout the third round, Ann Teak obliviously performs her own magic spells in the studio. She changes the Lost Pirate's telescope into a banana, Gail's new autobiography into a cabbage and Keith into a dog! As the quiz comes to a close, Ann finally realises what her 'baton' actually is and throws it away before it can cause any more problems.