Grand Designs: House of the Year

Grand Designs: House of the Year

Series 5 - Episode 4



It must be so difficult picking a winner when the contenders are so wildly different in design and concept. How do you choose between, say, the multi-layered geometry of a Sussex farmhouse and a subterranean London home squeezed into a tiny garden plot? It’s like comparing chalk and cheese.

However, tonight Kevin McCloud reveals which of the glorious 20 short-listed properties is the best, although not before we get a peek at another five homes in the running. Among them is a London house with an extraordinary copper roof and a timber-clad wedge of a building that appears to have moulded itself to the Devon countryside.


Kevin McCloud, architect Damion Burrows and design expert Michelle Ogundehin visit the final homes in the running for the 2019 Royal Institute of British Architects House of the Year, featuring a property in London with a sculptured copper roof, a Warwickshire home made entirely from exposed concrete, a perfectly crafted timber wedge hidden in a Devonshire arboretum, a Welsh house covered with locally quarried stone and slate, and a London home built with an incredible attention to detail. Finally, Kevin reveals with this year's winner. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kevin McCloud
Contributor Damion Burrows
Contributor Michelle Ogundehin
Director Orlando Fowler
Director Robin Leach
Director Matthew Kirkham
Executive Producer John Comeford
Series Producer Helen White
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