Britain's Child Drug Runners

Britain's Child Drug Runners


Karla talks frankly about her son Jacob, 16, whose story can’t fail to move you. She was contacted by a friend who believed he was involved with drugs, and subsequently found a small weighing scales in his pocket. It turned out Jacob had been involved in a Banbury “county line” (a network running drugs to rural areas for organised crime) over several years.

One estimate suggests up to 50,000 British children are involved. During the course of Rebecca Coxon’s film we learn more of Jacob’s story, and many more like him. It’s powerful reportage that paints a stark portrait of a troubling sub-culture.


Documentary following the lives of children trapped in the dangerous world of drug running in towns and villages all across the UK. The programme explores how the children got involved with these drugs gangs, and follows the work of police, parents and social workers trying to protect young people involved in this criminal activity.

Cast & Crew

Director Rebecca Coxon
Executive Producer Anna Hall
Executive Producer Brian Woods
Producer Rebecca Coxon