The Spy Who Stole the Atom Bomb

The Spy Who Stole the Atom Bomb


The curse of the wooden dramatic reconstruction afflicts what would otherwise be an engrossing account of a little-known but significant tale of Cold War espionage. Ursula Kuczynski was a Soviet agent who in the 1940s posed as a contented Home Counties wife and mother, all the while running agents and passing Allied atomic secrets to the Kremlin.

What makes it more fascinating is how much British intelligence knew about her and how little action was taken. Yet those reconstructions may prove too distracting, even though without them you’re left with a historian reading the declassified MI5 files from which much of the story is taken.


The story of Ursula Kuczynski, a Jewish German refugee who settled in Oxfordshire and stole Britain's atomic secrets to give to the Soviet Union.