The Team

Series 2 - Episode 4



If you’ve been faithful to this Euro-thriller, you could be forgiven for getting frustrated by the slow pace. Tonight that changes. Our Danish, Belgian and German cops get some real action and the story goes up about four gears. The tiny and quaint-looking town of Højer in the marshlands of southern Denmark, where Syrian refugee Malu has been hiding out, is the focus not just of international art smuggling but also of neo-Nazi vigilantes. And as it all kicks off in the streets, that nasty Morten turns out to have a small armoury of automatic weapons in his house: time for Hamburg cop Gregor to show he’s more than a slightly pushy womaniser. It’s sharp, fast and tense – and not before time.


Nelly finds Helle and Malu in the marshland and Malu is rushed to hospital with serious injuries. Morten boasts on social media about the Marsh Farm murders and announces another strike. Karim is located in Belgium in hiding with two Caliphate Union sleepers and several crates of arms. The fourth section of the frieze is stolen from International Council of Museums staff and Malu is placed in grave peril from an attack by an unknown man at the hospital. Crime thriller, with Jurgen Vogel. In English, German, Flemish, French and Danish.

Cast & Crew

Gregor Weiss Jurgen Vogel
Nelly Winther Marie Bach Hansen
Paula Liekens Lynn Van Royen
Said Gharbour Navid Negahban
Malu Barkiri Sarah Perles
Mariam Barkiri Fatima Adoum
Barbara Marie Baumer
Tebos Meyer Manuel Rubey
Lucy Meyer Nora Waldstatten
Jan Verhoeven Tom Vermier
Richard Adams Erwin Steinhauer
Karim Dadjou Alireza Bayram
Sabine Melanie Winiger
Claudia Weiss Luna Wedler
Albert Greaves Mark Heap
Helle Nielsen Josephine Park
Morten Sorensen Anders Juul
Mr Van Der Bourgh Lucas Van den Eynde
Elena Weiss Natalia Avelon
Bastian Max Hubacher
Agent Axel Steve Geerts
Carsten Holm Troels Lyby
Kenny Esben Dalgaard
Toke Kristian Ibler
Tina B Mia Lerdam
Thomas Joren Seldeslachts
Nick Talamona Alexander E Fennon
Umut Calik Sami Nasser
Omar Aziz Boukhzar
Abdul Yassine Fadel
Dr Juul Niels Anders Thorn
Silke Katharina Stark
Tarek Abdel Malik Farhouni
Rasha Sarah Lina Pridan
CU captain Hussein Ali Al Zubaidi
Director Kathrine Windfeld
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