The Orange Scarf

Series 2 - Episode 15 The Orange Scarf



When James mentions that he needs a scarf, Alice decides to get him one as a gift. She discovers that Magnus and Ruby have learnt to knit and have made an orange scarf, which will be perfect for James. What Alice doesn't realise is that Magnus and Ruby have knitted tons of scarves, and soon lots of people at the Big Hub have got them. When Alice realises, she is disappointed, as she wanted her gift to be special. So she gives the scarf to Bob instead. When Molly finds out what has happened she persuades Alice to get the scarf back, but they don't have the heart after seeing that Bob really loves his gift. By the time Molly and Alice get to Magnus and Ruby, the scarves have been so popular that there are none left. Molly needs to find a scarf for Alice to give to James – and fast.