Digging for Britain


Series 8 - Episode 1 West



It’s autumn, and time for the welcome return of Digging for Britain, in which Professor Alice Roberts casts her eye over the year’s archaeological excavations with the help of on-site “dig diaries”. 

In this series’s first round-up, we’re in the West, and there are mysteries aplenty, alongside some unexpected discoveries. In the Cotswolds, for example, at a secret location to deter treasure-hunters, there are finds in an Anglo-Saxon cemetery that surprise everyone. Julian Richards is hunting for an elusive pre-Norman Conquest nunnery cloister in Shaftesbury. And what’s the biggest threat to the archaeology of a Beaker burial on Salisbury Plain? Clue: it’s not tanks.


New series. Alice Roberts visits a secret location in the Cotswolds, which appears to be a high-status Anglo Saxon cemetery, where she finds a very precious and fragile artefact.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Professor Alice Roberts
Reporter Naoise Mac Sweeney
Executive Producer Eamon Hardy
Producer Sophie Smith
Series Producer Eamon Hardy
Documentary History