First Dates

Series 13 - Episode 1



The difference between young blind daters and older ones has never been more obvious. Tom, 18, awkwardly fumbles his way through the meal, clearly unnerved by the “well posh” setting and struggles to engage his date in conversation. Conversely Dottie, 71, and Jonathan, 69, seem very comfortable with each other, chatting amiably and thoughtfully about travel, hobbies and the aftermath of their partners’ deaths. Their exchanges are considerably deeper than Tom’s “so is a chicken a bird then?”.

Across the restaurant are two sets of 20- and 30-somethings. Noisy Jessica and James Corden lookalike Liam are having a right laugh, but Keely and Ben are rather confusing. Even she isn’t sure if she wants to see him again — mainly because she doesn’t like his outfit — so she comes up with an unusual way of deciding.


A 71-year-old widow goes on her first date in 51 years with a retired CEO who enjoys life in the fast lane, and a woman with a liking for James Corden is shocked to discover her date looks just like him. A man caring for his sick mother goes on his first ever blind date with a law student. Both are looking for something long-term, but his inexperience threatens to trip him up. Finally, a single mother is less than impressed by a market trader in his best suit - until she discovers he enjoys working out at the gym.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Michele Kurland
Executive Producer Jon Crisp
Series Editor Richard Mears
Series Producer Neil Rubinstein