Afonydd Gwaedlyd

Diwrnod Y Lludw: Rhan 2

Series 1 - Episode 4 Diwrnod Y Lludw: Rhan 2



Part two of two. When Niemans obtains X-ray images of the damaged frescos, they provide further insight into the case. Camille accompanies Blandine on a visit to a countryside hospital for the children of the religious community, but fails to realise that she is getting into danger. The police deduce that the murders are connected with an ancient effort by the sect to attain purity, but as they rush to the chateau, will it be all too late for Camille? Crime drama, with Olivier Marchal. In Swedish.

Cast & Crew

Pierre Niemans Olivier Marchal
Camille Delaunay Erika Sainte
Blandine Camille Sansterre
Thierry Chauveron Daniel Njo Lobe
Lt Col Kirsch Vincent Londez
Joseph Raynaud Thierry Janssen
Eric Gastinet Stephan Wojtowicz
Dr Beaucarne Patrick Ridremont
Rector Kosynski Philippe Resimont
Mathussene Jo Prestia
Stephane Bruneau Dominique Tack
Marc Meyer John Dobrynine
Daniel Thomas Saint-Hubert
Barthelemy David Saint-Hubert
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