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Her Boy

Series 1 - Episode 1 Her Boy



Be still my fluttering heart, I have found a drama destined to be my New Favourite Thing. But for all the wrong reasons, because Gold Digger is so woeful, it will surely become a camp classic.

Where to begin? The script? The acting? The plot? OK, the plot, a sticky fondant fancy of middle-aged female wish-fulfilment that sees Julia Ormond as unhappy Julia, letting herself be picked up in the British Museum by a much younger man, Benjamin (Ben Barnes). She’s upset because her husband ran off with her best friend and it’s her 60th birthday but her family can’t be bothered to turn up for her special dinner.

As they later look out across London from her expensive hotel room, Julia apologises, “It’s not much of a view.” But Benjamin gazes at her and murmurs, “I disagree.” The dialogue is so bad you’ll want to call the police.

I cannot wait for episode two.


New series. Drama, starring Julia Ormond as a wealthy middle-aged woman who begins a relationship with a man nearly 20 years younger than she is just as her divorce is finalised. When he is introduced to her three adult children, suspicions are raised about his motivations. The action cuts between the early days of their relationship and the wedding day, which seems fated to end in disaster. With Ben Barnes and Jemima Rooper.

Cast & Crew

Julia Day Julia Ormond
Benjamin Greene Ben Barnes
Patrick Day Sebastian Armesto
Della Day Jemima Rooper
Leo Day Archie Renaux
Hazel Day Julia McKenzie
Marsha Nikki Amuka-Bird
Ted Day Alex Jennings
Heidi Katie Clarkson-Hill
Hotel concierge John Conroy
Charlotte Day Indica Watson
Young Patrick Tylan Bayram
Eimear Day Yasmine Akram
Young Julia Fleur Keith
Young Ted William Vasey
Young Marsha Tracy-Anne Green
Clayton Andre Squire
Young Della Kate Kennedy
Director Vanessa Caswill
Executive Producer Marnie Dickens
Executive Producer Laura Mackie
Executive Producer Sally Haynes
Executive Producer Guy de Glanville
Producer Ani Kevork
Writer Marnie Dickens
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