The Mighty Boosh


Series 2 - Episode 3 Nanageddon



Vince and Howard hold a seance in a bid to impress two goth girls. However, their dabbling in the spirit realm summons up the most evil demon known to man, which promptly makes off with one of Naboo's magic books. With the livid shaman too drunk to retrieve the mystic tome, it falls to the hapless pair to prevent the end of the world. Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd) guest stars.

Cast & Crew

Vince Noir/The Moon/Tony Harrison Noel Fielding
Howard Moon/Dennis Julian Barratt
Naboo Michael Fielding
Saboo Richard Ayoade
Bollo Dave Brown
Bingo announcer Rich Fulcher
Ebola Sue Denim
Anthrax Dee Plume
Nanatoo Margaret John
Director Paul King
Producer Spencer Millman
Writer Noel Fielding
Writer Julian Barratt
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