The Architecture The Railways Built

The Architecture The Railways Built

Series 1 - Episode 3

Monday 10pm - 11pm Yesterday


Presenter Tim Dunn is full of surprises. As he slogs up the stairs to the lantern of the clock tower above King’s Cross station he exclaims: “When I was tiny, I wanted to be a horologist, a clock-maker.”

Blimey, railway enthusiast and clock-lover. Whatever next? In another cheery bit of escapism back to the days when we travelled by train, Dunn uses the word “iconic” a lot as he gazes in awe at Kings Cross’s beautiful fan-vaulted ceiling, centrepiece of its £500 million 2012 refurbishment.

There’s also the fascinating story of the Clifton Rocks Railway, whose sad façade lies beneath the Clifton Suspension Bridge. There’s a treat inside: the remains of a funicular railway.


Tim Dunn goes behind the scenes at London's King's Cross station and finds out about the disused funicular railway hidden in the Avon Gorge in Bristol, blasted out of the cliff.