Rob & Romesh vs NBA Basketball

Rob & Romesh vs NBA Basketball

Series 2



In now typical style, this episode starts with the lads cruising around in an SUV, squabbling like chalk-and-cheese cops and discussing why they’re afraid of/disinterested in their upcoming task. This week they’re in Los Angeles to become basketball “stars”. “I’m NBA curious,” admits Romesh, cautiously. A promising start then.

There’s no better place to accentuate the comedic properties of Britishness than LA. Surely only the British would end up, as Rob and Romesh do here, having their colons cleansed “out of politeness”. And then giggle their way through the procedure like naughty kids in the headmaster’s office.

Weirdly, the colonic scene takes up a fair chunk of the episode. Maybe Rob and Romesh vs Enemas would have been a better title. Or Slam Dump!, perhaps.


Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan learn about the sport, a journey that takes them from the street courts of Los Angeles to the Staples Center, the home of professional teams the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers.
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