How to Build British: Aston Martin

How to Build British: Aston Martin

Series 1



This week we’re at the Aston factory in Warwickshire, where some things feel right and some don’t. It feels wrong that the chassis panels for the brand’s top-of-the-range DBS Superleggera are glued together like some sort of Airfix kit, but it feels right and proper that the machine that does the gluing is nicknamed the “James bonder”.

The marque’s long association with 007 is lightly touched on, but its financial woes (which were as serious as an oil leak even before the current slowdown) are, of course, ignored. We can enjoy instead the many lingering shots of the DBS’s gorgeous bodywork, summed up by a designer as like “a brute in a suit”.


Documentary in which Aston Martin open their factory doors to provide an access-all-areas guide to the step-by-step process of the construction of a DBS Superleggera luxury grand tourer sports car, from its oven-baked chassis to the special paint used.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Rick Murray
Series Director Joe Lister
Series Producer Joe Lister