Love in Amsterdam

Series 1 - Episode 1 Love in Amsterdam



This three-episode reboot of the adored Dutch-cop show (on ITV for 20 years from 1972) should at least guarantee an audience of the curious. Will the theme tune be the same (no, but there’s a little piano-tinkle of the melody, just as a reminder) and does Marc Warren measure up to Barry Foster? Well… hard to say as yet.

The problem, at least with this first feature-length story, is that 21st-century Van der Valk feels generic. He works in lovely Amsterdam, but he could really be anywhere: New Malden, Hartlepool, Slough…

And Piet Van der Valk is your typical maverick – no truck with authority, a complicated personal life, too prone to flings with age-inappropriate women, lives on a boat.

In this first case, with his scruffy band of hipster sidekicks (they have team briefings in a bar!), he investigates the murders of two young left-wing political activists.


Marc Warren steps into the shoes of Barry Foster to take on the role of Dutch detective Van der Valk in this updated adaptation of the Amsterdam-based crime drama. Two seemingly unrelated men are found murdered in different parts of the city on the same day. Are the deaths connected, and if so, could there be a link to the disappearance of a student activist? Commissaris Van der Valk must uncover the truth while also dealing with an over-eager rookie cop joining his tight-knit team. Maimie McCoy, Luke Allen-Gale and Elliot Barnes Worrell co-star.

Cast & Crew

Piet Van der Valk Marc Warren
Lucienne Hassell Maimie McCoy
Brad de Vries Luke Allen-Gale
Job Cloovers Elliot Barnes-Worrell
Hendrik Davie Darrell D'Silva
Julia Dahlman Emma Fielding
Claudia Oosterhuis Frances Grey
Paul Oosterhuis Daniel Lapaine
Eva Meisner Stephanie Leonidas
Therese Ramecker Vineeta Rishi
Agatha Vos Frieda Barnhard
Bartel Peters Kees Boot
Ed De Klerk Reinout Bussemaker
Renate Koolen Malou Gorter
Daniel Koolen Hugo Haenen
Gerda Dekker Markoesa Hamer
Milan Bakker Alex Hendrickx
Cliff Palache Mike Libanon
Manus Bakker Victor Löw
Kalari Ramecker Arian Nik
Aleida Jansen Ilse Ott
Homeless Frank Peter van Heeringen
Tim Brouwer Hylke van Sprundel
Dave Smit Danny Westerweel
Adapted By Chris Murray
Director Colin Teague
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Executive Producer Chris Murray
Producer Keith Thompson
Writer Nicolas Freeling
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