No Honeymoon

Series 1 - Episode 8 No Honeymoon



I like the way the writers on this dark, dark sitcom play on the fears of dad and not-quite husband Paul (Martin Freeman). They string his insecurities through every storyline, wind them tight and strum like flamenco guitarists. 

Paul’s eagerness to get married isn’t quite matched by Ally (Daisy Haggard), who has been married before – and it didn’t turn out well. She’s going along with the wedding idea but can barely focus on it, especially with her boss Darren (the smarmy-seedy Patrick Baladi) hassling her with offers of a promotion. 

Meanwhile, Paul has to deal with son Luke being violent. Easy: “If you keep upsetting other kids, I’m going to burn all your toys.”


Paul's attempts to focus on the wedding are constantly thwarted by his family, with Ally distracted by work and Luke misbehaving at school, while Leah doesn't understand why they are even bothering to get married.