Princess Anne: The Daughter Who Should Be Queen

Princess Anne: The Daughter Who Should Be Queen


The rather splendid Princess Royal’s no-nonsense views about philanthropy and charity fund-raising have hit the headlines recently after she gave a forthright magazine interview. She’s an old-fashioned (in the best sense) royal who believes in doing years of groundwork before embarking on any philanthropic activities. Clearly, she has no truck with the ideas of some of the younger members of the clan.

In another of its brisk royal family documentaries C5 tries to shed light on a tremendously hard-working member of The Firm, a woman widely admired for her backbone and Britishness. Of course it mentions that 1974 kidnap attempt and looks at how the Princess Royal is perceived by the public.


Documentary exploring the life of the queen's only daughter. The programme examines her skill as a horse rider, representing Britain in three-day eventing at the 1976 Olympics on her mother's horse, as well as her support for various charities and foundations, and the incident in 1974, when she survived an attempt to kidnap her and hold her to ransom.

Cast & Crew

Director Lucy Johnstone
Director Olivia Witt
Executive Producer Ian Rumsey
Producer Lucy Johnstone
Producer Olivia Witt
Series Producer Daniel Smith
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