No Talking

Series 1 - Episode 6 No Talking



Breeders is evolving into something more than it was. To begin with it felt like a sparky, black-edged sitcom about parenting, couched in rampantly filthy language (in a good way). But it has added layers to become a gritty relationship comedy – and still filthy. It’s like a romcom that takes place ten years after most romcoms have ended, with everyone older, wiser and tetchier. 

Anger is at the heart of this week’s story, as Ally tries to say a long goodbye to her father. Coming into his own is Darren, her silkily obnoxious boss played by Patrick Baladi: they all spend a weekend at his stunning Wiltshire house, but it doesn’t pan out as they hoped.


In the wake of Michael's death, the family stays with Darren at his country house. However, Paul's failure to look after the kids properly and Darren's fixation on work means Ally does not get the space she needs.

Cast & Crew

Paul Martin Freeman
Ally Daisy Haggard