Cranford: Return to Cranford: August 1844

Cranford: Return to Cranford: August 1844

Series 2



First in a two-part special. The story picks up in August 1844, two years after Miss Matty lost her beloved sister Deborah. Mr Buxton has returned to live quietly in Cranford following the death of his wife, although Miss Matty is concerned about his relationship with his son as neither seem to be coping with their bereavement. The local busybody is also worried about Peggy Bell, who lives in an isolated cottage looking after her inattentive mother and domineering brother, so she hatches a plot to bring these young residents together. However, the surprise arrival of Lady Ludlow's son Lord Septimus leads to a chain of unexpected events concerning the looming railway, and a tragedy at Matty's own house forces her to re-evaluate her opinions on the subject. Judi Dench and Jonathan Pryce star.

Cast & Crew

Miss Matty Judi Dench
Miss Octavia Pole Imelda Staunton
Mr Buxton Jonathan Pryce
Mrs Forrester Julia McKenzie
Lady Ludlow Francesca Annis
Miss Tomkinson Deborah Findlay
Mrs Jamieson Barbara Flynn
The Rev Hutton Alex Jennings
Capt Brown Jim Carter
Mrs Bell Lesley Sharp
Jem Hearne Andrew Buchan
Peggy Bell Jodie Whittaker
Septimus Hanbury Rory Kinnear
Mr Peter Jenkyns Nicholas Le Prevost
Mary Smith Lisa Dillon
William Buxton Tom Hiddleston
Sir Charles Maulver Greg Wise
Harry Gregson Alex Etel
Erminia Whyte Michelle Dockery
Miss Galindo Emma Fielding
Edward Bell Matthew McNulty
Mr Johnson Adrian Scarborough
Mrs Johnson Debra Gillett
Martha Claudie Blakley
Bella Gregson Emma Lowndes
Bertha Hannah Hobley
Giacomo Nicholas Bishop
Margaret Gidman Bessie Carter
Director Simon Curtis
Producer Sue Birtwistle
Writer Heidi Thomas
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