No Exit

Series 1 - Episode 7 No Exit



Poor old Paul. The fact Ally has been married before to someone else is always going to needle him, however scathing Ally is about her ex (which is very). Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard are good at suggesting the slightly uneven power balance in the pair’s relationship. At one stage tonight we flash back to when Paul proposed to her just after their son was born and the way Ally more or less laughs it off speaks volumes.

In the present, Paul is trying to hurry up a trip to the park because he plans to have another go at proposing, but is getting increasingly desperate. And for fans of Alun Armstrong as Paul’s scornful dad Jim, look out for the way he delivers a line about not hugging, it’s perfect.


It is half-term and Luke is responsible for taking Lenny the class bear on an adventure, but Paul might not even manage to get the family out of the house to the local park.

Cast & Crew

Paul Martin Freeman
Ally Daisy Haggard