Hop a Freighter

Series 5 - Episode 11 Hop a Freighter



Thrills, thrills, thrills in this penultimate episode of season five. Someone makes a major discovery, performs a heroic intervention or is horribly stabbed or bludgeoned to death in virtually every scene.

Dexter’s life and secrets are put in more and more danger – we pretty certainly know he’ll get out of it (series six is coming) but it’s nevertheless impossible not to follow him, fearfully, every trepidatious step of the way.

That’s particularly true now he’s in a relationship that feels a lot more significant than any of his others – and while Dexter (Michael C Hall) is surely immortal, Lumen (the excellent Julia Stiles) surely isn’t.


Quinn finds himself more involved in a homicide case than he would like to be, and Dexter is unnerved when he discovers someone outside of Miami Metro has taken an interest in his activities. Crime drama, starring Michael C Hall.

Cast & Crew

Dexter Morgan Michael C Hall
Debra Morgan Jennifer Carpenter
Angel Batista David Zayas
Joey Quinn Desmond Harrington
Lumen Ann Pierce Julia Stiles