May 1843

Series 1 - Episode 5 May 1843



The true nature of friendship within Cranford is revealed as the ladies rally to help Miss Matty when she receives terrible news. Meanwhile, Dr Harrison suffers as his career, reputation and relationship all seem ruined, while Miss Galindo and Mr Carter grow closer as they face up to the tragedy of Hanbury. Judi Dench, Philip Glenister and Simon Woods star.

Cast & Crew

Miss Matty Jenkyns Judi Dench
Mr Carter Philip Glenister
Lady Ludlow Francesca Annis
Miss Pole Imelda Staunton
Mrs Forrester Julia McKenzie
Peter Jenkyns Martin Shaw
Jessie Brown Julia Sawalha
Mrs Rose Lesley Manville
Mrs Jamieson Barbara Flynn
Miss Tomkinson Deborah Findlay
Dr Frank Harrison Simon Woods
Rev Hutton Alex Jennings
Captain Brown Jim Carter
Miss Galindo Emma Fielding
Mary Smith Lisa Dillon
Sophy Hutton Kimberley Nixon
Jem Hearne Andrew Buchan
Dr Morgan John Bowe
Major Gordon Alistair Petrie
Harry Gregson Alex Etel
Jack Marshland Joe McFadden
Martha Claudie Blakley
Caroline Tomkinson Selina Griffiths
Mrs Johnson Debra Gillett
Mr Johnson Adrian Scarborough
Bessie Hannah Stokely
Mr Goddard Andy Rashleigh
Lizzie Hutton Rosy Byrne
Helen Hutton Hester Odgers
Bertha Hannah Hobley
Kate Imogen Byron
Director Simon Curtis
Producer Sue Birtwistle
Writer Heidi Thomas
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