Born to Be Different

Born to Be Different

Series 10 - Episode 1



If, like Channel 4, you’ve been following these five children who were born with various disabilities for the past 20 years, you can’t fail to be moved by how much most of them have progressed. 

Zoe was always a cheery, independent little girl, determined not to be restricted by the mobility problems her arthrogryposis caused.  Now off to university, she says she doesn’t see the point in trying to fit into the social norms any longer: “the only thing I have control over is my mind, because my body tends to do what it wants to do”. In New Zealand, Hamish’s dwarfism hasn’t stopped him from taking an engineering degree and swimming in the 2016 Paralympics, while Emily, who as a child was doubly incontinent from spina bifida, is qualifying as a nurse. 

Not all the stories are as happy, though. In this update we see that both William and Shelbie have serious ongoing health issues. This is a positive, uplifting series, which, more importantly, may help us all to accept and understand our differences.


Zoe is moving out to start a law degree. Emily is studying to become a nurse. In New Zealand, Hamish is moving into a student house while training for the Tokyo Paralympics.