Curb Your Enthusiasm

Beep Panic

Series 10 - Episode 9 Beep Panic



Season ten has been another cracking run for Larry David as he’s blundered haplessly across the post-#MeToo minefield with his vexed best pal Jeff repeatedly mistaken for Harvey Weinstein. Larry offended Clive Owen (playing himself) and even Coldplay’s Chris Martin, while inadvertently buddying up with Jon Hamm. He’s fumed when he was seated in the “ugly section” of a restaurant, canoodled with ex-wife Cheryl, and set off the volcanic, ever hilarious Susie.

Tonight wraps up with a double bill, bringing the episode tally to a round 100 since Curb began 20 years ago. It sees the culmination of his war with barrista Mocha Joe – will Latte Larry, his “spite store” next door, bring down his rival?


Larry develops a debilitating habit and takes pity on a waitress. Mocha Joe hatches a plan to sabotage his adversary, and Richard prepares for a career-defining role.

Cast & Crew

Himself Larry David
Mocha Joe Saverio Guerra
Himself Richard Lewis