Babylon Berlin

Series 3 - Episode 5



At the start of tonight’s double bill the drama takes such a dive into Eyes Wide Shut territory you half expect Tom Cruise to appear. We visit a country mansion where the mysterious “Fraterna Saturnii” have a candlelit gathering. Gereon, his detective rival and Lotte arrive and don masks and capes for an occult ceremony with some very weird stuff involving, well, tongues.

It’s a heck of a sequence but strangely, the significance of it then isn’t mentioned at all. Instead we follow the Jewish journalist’s exposé about the Luftwaffe and the right-wing thugs’ efforts to silence him. Dark forces are at work and “Our Fatherland is at a crossroads”.


The Benda file reveals a name that takes Gereon on a mission. Meanwhile, Greta receives her sentence, and Nyssen makes a shocking confession to his shrink. In German.