Antiques Roadshow

Salisbury Cathedral 2

Series 42 - Episode 11 Salisbury Cathedral 2



As the sun beats down on the Roadshow crowds at Salisbury Cathedral, the experts are dazzled by an array of treasure. There’s a gorgeous sapphire pendant brooch that seems to glow, and changes colour in different lights, and a lustrous enamel-on-enamel pocketwatch.

But it’s the drab items that prove, if not the most valuable, then the most stirring. Like the three Second World War telegrams retrieved from a wastepaper basket by a BBC journalist. And two sets of grubby medals, shabbily displayed, that send the expert into a frenzy of verbal but good-natured finger-wagging at the owners: “You’ve kept these in the most appalling condition!”


Fiona Bruce presents from the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, where the experts value decorative objects and rarities belonging to the public. An eclectic mix includes one of Napoleon's razors, letters from Enid Blyton and an item of Queen Victoria's underwear, as well as a hand-painted Christmas card from the Second World War and original drawings of Judge Dredd.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Fiona Bruce
Executive Producer Gill Tierney
Series Producer Robert Murphy