Noughts + Crosses

Noughts + Crosses

Series 1 - Episode 4



As hardline home secretary Kamal Hadley, Paterson Joseph brings subtlety to a conflicted character. At one level, Kamal is an authoritarian, committed to the idea that races shouldn’t mix, and prepared to suppress Nought dissent by any means he can. But we learn more of his past tonight, and of his connection to Yaro (Luke Bailey), the young man he wanted the police to find for him.
But we also know Kamal is playing a double game, promoting the unrest he claims to be appalled by, and his ugly (secret) alliance with the rebels has just the effect he wanted. Meanwhile, the lovers fall out and Callum moans to Sephy, “You still don’t get it, do you?”


Albion is reeling from the aftermath of events at Demwa Hospital, but Sephy has just one question on her mind - how did Callum know what was going to happen? As soon as Ryan discovers what has happened, he gives himself up to the police and confesses in order to save his sons. Meggie is horrified to discover what has happened to her family, and Jasmine offers to pay for Ryan's legal defence costs. Drama, starring Masali Baduza, Jack Rowan, Helen Baxendale and Paterson Joseph.

Cast & Crew

Sephy Hadley Masali Baduza
Callum McGregor Jack Rowan
Meggie McGregor Helen Baxendale
Kamal Hadley Paterson Joseph
Jack Dorn Shaun Dingwall
Jude McGregor Josh Dylan
Lekan Baako Jonathan Ajayi
Minerva Hadley Kiké Brimah
Opal Folami Rakie Ayola
Jasmine Hadley Bonnie Mbuli
Ryan McGregor Ian Hart
News anchor Obiora Akintola Ore Oduba
Deputy Commissioner Folu Abiola Nicholas Beveney
Nicola Williams Christia Visser
Anthony Oliver Dench
Scott Sam Baker-Jones
Dayo Baako Trevor Michael Georges
Talib Stephen Adentan
Prison guard Adisa Boro Tolu Kingba
Ananya Bakshi Sudah Bhuchar
Segun Okoro Cyril Nri
Elder Obasanjo Pamela Nomvete
Court reporter Joseph Gaza
Yaro Baloyi Luke Bailey
Director Koby Adom
Executive Producer Preethi Mavahalli
Executive Producer Kibwe Tavares
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Patrick Reardon
Executive Producer Jeff Skoll
Executive Producer Miura Kite
Executive Producer Ben Irving
Producer Johann Knobel
Writer Nathaniel Price
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