First Dates

Series 14 - Episode 2



There are many reasons that people lack confidence when it comes to new relationships. Some are physical so are immediately obvious; others take a while to uncover. 

For Reece it’s his height, or rather lack of it – he’s 5ft 4in tall, although initially that doesn’t seem to worry his date Ria. Meanwhile, Fenella, who at 54 has a lifelong hearing impediment, is determined it won’t hinder her love life any more. Byron and Lexi, on the other hand, have rather unusual careers, which they say have previously put their dates off. He’s a funeral director and mortician, while she’s an Ann Summers party planner. Will they hit it off?


Recruitment consultant and boxing ring girl Chloe sits down with `geezer' Anthony, who believes his cheeky wink can charm any woman. Actor Josh seeks a leading lady, but as a dwarf he has struggled to find someone who won't judge him on his height. His date is housing support officer Lori, who at four foot 11 has also found love a challenge. Also, dedicated father Rob is paired with former Butlin's Redcoat Donna. How will she react when he reveals he has 10 children?

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Jon Crisp
Executive Producer Michele Kurland
Series Editor Richard Mears
Series Producer Neil Rubenstein