Just One Look

Series 1 - Episode 4



How long before distraught wife Eva (Virginie Ledoyen) goes the full Ripley from Alien, grabs the dead-eyed killer who has kidnapped her husband and screams, “Get away from him, you b******!”? But she has to catch him first and tonight there’s a frantic car chase to Paris, which ends chillingly. There’s a nice tension in seeing how far Eva will go to find her husband Bastien and we find out when grieving gangster Grégory grabs a possible witness – and some household tools.

Meanwhile, there’s more about that concert in the catacombs 20 years ago, which I’m beginning to think is a red herring fishier than Billingsgate Market.


Eva does everything she can to preserve her children's safety, but her daily life is infiltrated in frightening ways as she is under surveillance by the police as well as other interested parties. Eric tries to terrify her into giving up the search for Bastien, who is mustering all his energy and ingenuity in an attempt to escape. However, Gregory and Eva - as well as the police - search for Crystal to find out what she knows. In French.

Cast & Crew

Eva Beaufils Virginie Ledoyen
Bastien Beaufils Thierry Neuvik
Gregory Marsan Thierry Fremont
Eric Toussaint Jimmy Jean-Louis
Crapaud Joseph Malerba
Jimmy O Stanislas Merhar
Capitaine Valert Anne Girouard
Crystal Mathilde Bisson
Hubert Caillard Michael Abiteboul
Beatrice Marsan Carole Richert
Mylene Losdat Sophie-Charlotte Husson
Daniel Arthur Jugnot
Sandrine Koval-Beaufils Julie Gayet
Salone Beaufils Josephine Helin
Max Beaufils Jean-Baptiste Blanc
Olivier Losdat Christophe Vandevelde
Thomas Losdat Oscar Geraldes Galpin
Frederic Safati Jean-Pascal Abribat
Veronique Baltrus Soraya Garlenq
Serge Leroux Philippe Lelievre
Elisabeth Feldman-Beaufils Sylvie Granotier
Karim Tewfik Snoussi
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