24 Hours in A&E

Series 1 - Episode 13



Seventy-four-year-old Ted is on his tenth visit to A&E in just a year. He has terminal bladder cancer but is determined to remain cheerful. “You’ve just got to make
the most of what you’ve got left. I intend to enjoy it.”

As his jolly wife Irene maintains a stream of cheerful chat, Ted is courteous to everyone, and slightly apologetic for taking up their time. Nurse Maria is affected by Ted’s manner, and by the end, when there is a sad postscript, she defies every stereotype of the medic who claims that they can’t afford to empathise with patients, and cries.

Of course, life at King’s College Hospital’s A&E department has to go on, so staff try hard to hide their real feelings when a man comes in with a splinter in his finger that’s
been there for a month.


A 74-year-old with terminal bladder cancer is brought in after his condition worsens, but he and his wife manage to maintain a positive outlook. A man seeks treatment for a splinter that has been in lodged in his thumb for a month, a 40-year-old needs stitches after being kicked in the face during a football match and a German doctor explains the cultural differences he encounters while practising in the UK.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Magnus Temple
Executive Producer Nick Curwin
Series Director Anthony Philipson
Series Director Amy Flanagan
Series Producer Anthony Philipson
Series Producer Amy Flanagan
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