The Wedding

Series 5 - Episode 8 The Wedding



Jason's brother Darius is getting married and Marcus desperately wants to hire out the Crown and Toga for the occasion, while Grumio offers his services as wedding planner. But their plans are threatened when they find out that Darius is a serial jilter. Elsewhere, Marcus clashes with their lazy postman.

Cast & Crew

Marcus Tom Rosenthal
Grumio Ryan Sampson
Jason Jonathan Pointing
Aurelius Tom Basden
Gloria Ellie Taylor
Landlord Karl Theobald
Darius Kevin Bishop
Phoebe Faye McKeever
Hermes Samuel Anderson
Esquilinus Tim Downie
Melissa Justine Cain
Director Sam Leifer
Executive Producer Caroline Leddy
Producer Teddy Leifer
Writer Tom Basden
Writer Sam Leifer
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