Escape to the Chateau

Escape to the Chateau

Series 6 - Episode 2



In the normal course of events, the words “completing phase two of the basement project” to describe an episode of a television show wouldn’t fill anyone’s hearts with joy and expectation.

Yet for devotees of Escape to the Chateau, this is the very kind of mundane minutiae that we love. Though C4 couldn’t come up with a preview for us, it’s easy enough to guess that the “much needed utility and laundry room” plumbing-in in time for wedding guests will be as gripping as Game of Thrones.

Of course, Angel Strawbridge’s fine eye for decorative detail lead to her preserving the 150-year-old wallpaper, while Dick Strawbridge ponders installing a boat on the chateau’s moat.


It's springtime at the chateau, and with the wedding season just a few weeks away, completing phase two of the basement project is becoming an urgent priority for Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree. To cater for all their summer guests, a much-needed utility and laundry room is about to be plumbed in. Angel comes up with a unique way of preserving the 150-year-old wallpaper, while Dick wrestles with a rake while working on the meadow.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Angela Norris