The Team

Series 2 - Episode 2



The final shot of last week’s programme revealed a pretty whopping clue that our Euro-cops had missed in their murder investigation. It seemed, if we’re honest, a bit broad-brush in more ways than one, and as the case unfolds further, there are other developments that jangle slightly.

The most intriguing plot strand involves the golden frieze tablets from Syria that refugee Malu – only survivor of the massacre – has strapped to her stomach. We learn more about what they mean to her and about the antiquities the Caliphate Union are trading out of Syria in exchange for cash and weapons. As for Malu herself, on the run near the German-Danish border, she is helped out by a passing motorist with a big heart.


Bob's murderer goes into hiding in the marshland and there isn't any trace of the witness Malu. The international investigation team starts working together on site, contemplating whether the massacre and Bob's murder were targeted attacks by the Caliphate Union or a xenophobic act by local neo-Nazi groups. Malu finds shelter at the village home of kind Danish woman, while drone footage gives Paula a lead to Karim, who's apparently been supporting the Caliphate Union in Syria. Crime thriller, starring Jurgen Vogel, Marie Bach Hansen and Lynn Van Royen. In English, German, Flemish, French and Danish.

Cast & Crew

Gregor Weiss Jurgen Vogel
Nelly Winther Marie Bach Hansen
Paula Liekens Lynn Van Royen
Said Gharbour Navid Negahban
Malu Barkiri Sarah Perles
Mariam Barkiri Fatima Adoum
Tebos Meyer Manuel Rubey
Lucy Meyer Nora Waldstatten
Jan Verhoeven Tom Vermier
Richard Adams Erwin Steinhauer
Karim Dadjou Alireza Bayram
Sabine Melanie Winiger
Claudia Weiss Luna Wedler
Albert Greaves Mark Heap
Helle Nielsen Josephine Park
Morten Sorensen Anders Juul
Mr Van Der Bourgh Lucas Van den Eynde
Henning Schultz Waage Sando
Kenny Esben Dalgaard
Carsten Holm Troels Lyby
Toke Kristian Ibler
Tina B Mia Lerdam
Safa Hassan Nora Gharib
Faris Arnaut Soufiane Chilah
Sareh Hassan Dahlia Pessemiers
Rasmus Bredsgaard Anders Heinrichsen
CU captain Hussein Ali Al Zubaidi
Director Kathrine Windfeld
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