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Series 1 - Episode 3



Solicitor Max’s complicated life is unravelling at a frantic pace after he and his brother Jake covered up a fatal hit and run in a quiet Edinburgh suburb. He’s in the debt of some very nasty men, including a criminal Mr Big played by Bill Paterson who arrives to spread his own very distinct menace over the proceedings.

Even Jake (Jamie Sives) has turned, and is now demanding access to his vinyl record shop’s financial records, something Max (Mark Bonnar) has always taken care of for his own illegal purposes.

Neil Forsyth’s slow-burning, blackly comic thriller takes its time, but the penultimate episode delivers some thumping surprises and a couple of “I didn’t see that coming” moments.


Angie and Jake's budding relationship hits a problem when he begins to have suspicions about her, although she soon explains away his worries. Instead, she plants doubts in his mind about why his brother controls the finances of his record shop. Is there more to the business than it first appears? Thriller, starring Mark Bonnar, Jamie Sives and Ruth Bradley.

Cast & Crew

Max Mark Bonnar
Jake Jamie Sives
Kenny Emun Elliott
Claire Sian Brooke
Angie Ruth Bradley
Sheila Ellie Haddington
Writer Neil Forsyth
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