Series 2 - Episode 1



Jez and Tom Butterworth’s trippy, impenetrable, woad-covered nightmare is back for a second series that promises to be as barmy as the first, a fantastically freaked-out, dizzy, kaleidoscopic view of early British history.

Mackenzie Crook is once more unrecognisable as druid Veran, who’s been sitting staring at a fire for heaven knows how long, waiting for A Sign, and David Morrissey strides around the blasted Britannia landscape like a prog-rock band’s leather-trousered front man as brutal Roman army chief General Aulus, who’s obsessed with defeating the druids.

There’s a star turn from the League of Gentleman/Inside No 9’s Steve Pemberton as Emperor Claudius, a petulant megalomaniac who rides in on an elephant and complains about his piles. There’s really no point in trying to explain any more, just dive in.

The full series will be available as a box set after the first episode is broadcast.


The period drama starring David Morrissey returns. Two years after General Aulus claimed a foothold in Britannia, the romanisation of this savage isle is underway. Meanwhile, an ancient figure could spell doom for the Celtic and Roman alike.

Cast & Crew

Aulus David Morrissey
Phelan Julian Rhind-Tutt
Divis Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Cait Eleanor Worthington-Cox