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Meet the Bears

Series 38



Paddington’s movie stepdad Hugh Bonneville narrates a sweet film about bears across the world. No one can go wrong with a bear-doc, particularly when cubs are involved because they are so cute it’s laughable.

Most of this will doubtless be familiar… brown grizzlies in Alaska waiting by a waterfall to catch leaping salmon, bears backscratching luxuriously on tree trunks, marking them with scent to attract a mate, and a wee polar bear taking his first faltering steps in the snow. Then there are the corpulent pandas, munching on bamboo.

These are all endearing and clever creatures, of course, but there’s a familiar warning message – their habitats are shrinking.


Hugh Bonneville narrates a documentary looking at the habits of the species and the skills they have developed to survive in a range of environments around the world. The film explores how bears have overcome the challenges of life - from finding food and raising their cubs to confronting rivals and habitat loss - all thanks to brains, brawn and a remarkable ability to adapt. Part of the Natural World strand.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Hugh Bonneville
Producer Anuschka Schofield
Series Editor Roger Webb
Series Producer Holly Spearing
Documentary Nature