She Was Killed by Space Junk

Series 1 - Episode 3 She Was Killed by Space Junk



There are times while watching the Watchmen, with its world of outlawed masked crusaders, when it’s hard not to think of The Incredibles. Comic-book influences aside, however, this is definitely not one for the kids.

The focus this week switches to seen-it-all FBI agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart), the sort of person who holds up a bank to draw out a superhero, and who corrects a colleague’s spoken grammar. Visiting Tulsa, she’s keen to smoke out police chief Crawford’s killer, uncaring who she offends along the way.

Frustratingly fitful, Watchmen still has enough neat stylistic tricks and splashes of acid wit to keep interest simmering.


FBI agent Laurie Blake takes over the recent murder investigation in Tulsa. Meanwhile, the Lord of the Estate draws unwelcome attention.