The Brokenwood Mysteries

The Power of Steam

Series 6 - Episode 1 The Power of Steam



This New Zealand import has always treated murder as a parlour game, with caddish victims and suspects who are invariably oddballs. Yet despite the playful tone, there are a few questionable lines of dialogue in this sixth season opener that are almost too flippant.

I winced when pathologist Dr Kadinsky described reassembling some body parts as being like a game of Tetris. But then again, the remains on the mortuary slab did once belong to a person who’d been blown apart while sitting on an exploding portable toilet at a steampunk festival. It’s a scenario that almost invites you not to take things too seriously, so maybe it’s churlish of me to object.


Return of the detective drama. Mike and his team are drawn into a world of Victorian dress-up and escapism when they investigate a murder at a Brokenwood steampunk event.

Cast & Crew

Mike Shepherd Neill Rea
Kristin Sims Fern Sutherland
Jared Morehu Pana Hema Taylor
DC Breen Nic Sampson
Gina Cristina Serban Ionda